Andrea Barroso, IMPACT HUB Málaga


Community Host

Andrea holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Málaga. She complemented her academic training with a enriching year of studies in Italy, which provided her with a global perspective on business and exceptional adaptability to different cultures and work environments. Before entering the corporate world, she dedicated herself to the hospitality sector, working as a waitress in catering services and was responsible for a family business that included both a store and a bar. This experience gave her a solid foundation in business management, customer service, and problem-solving skills in high-pressure environments.

Currently, she is an integral part of the Impact Hub team, where she has taken on the role of host manager, skillfully managing schedules, vacations, and billing, in addition to supervising the Hilera space. Her responsibilities also include the efficient administration of programs like Power BI, demonstrating her ability to adapt and master new technological tools that contribute to the optimization of internal processes. She stands out for her ability to work in a team, a natural talent for organization, and a firm commitment to the company’s objectives.

At Impact Hub, in her first work experience in her field of study after university, she is putting into practice everything she has learned, bringing invaluable value to the team with her enthusiasm, fresh vision, and readiness to face challenges.