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Why a Reporting Channel?

At Impact Hub, we commit to acting with integrity and respect in all our interactions and activities. Our Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of this commitment, establishing principles and values that guide our responsible behavior and adherence to the law in all our relationships: from our shareholders and volunteers to our employees, clients, suppliers, public and private institutions, and society at large.

If you notice any behavior that you believe doesn’t comply with our Code of Ethics or may be irregular, illicit, or criminal, we offer you a secure and confidential tool to report it: our Reporting Channel. This channel has been created in compliance with the Spanish Law 2/2023, dated February 20, which protects whistleblowers and fights against corruption.

Your voice is essential.

To protect your rights as a whistleblower, you have the option to submit your report anonymously. The Sentinel Channel ensures the confidentiality of both your identity and the content of your report, which will be managed by our Ethics Committee at Impact Hub.

If you know of an incident that you believe should be reported


What does a reporting system for irregularities entail?

It is a mechanism available to any individual or entity with ties to Impact Hub, allowing the communication of potential anomalies, violations, or crimes that may harm the organization’s operations in delivering its services.

What is the process after submitting a report?

Upon receiving the report, it is assigned a reference code and recorded. The reported facts are analyzed and classified according to their nature and severity, categorized as mild, severe, or very severe. Subsequently, excluding the whistleblower’s data, the record is forwarded to the Ethics Committee of Impact Hub, which will decide it. This may involve initiating an investigation into the reported facts or archiving the report if it is deemed unfounded, detailing the reasons for both options in the file.

How is the investigation of the facts conducted and what are the consequences?

The time to process the file and make a decision shall not exceed three (3) months from its opening. If the investigation confirms the reported facts, Impact Hub will first take immediate measures to stop such acts or prevent their recurrence. Then, depending on the severity, appropriate legal actions will be taken against the individuals allegedly responsible.

What protections does the Informant have?

Firstly, the report can be submitted anonymously, maintaining the whistleblower’s identity secret, with their data only disclosed with their authorization or to the competent authority for investigation. Secondly, the Ethics Committee guarantees that there will be no reprisals against the good-faith whistleblower for filing the report.

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