Lourdes Schreiner, IMPACT HUB Málaga




Lourdes Schreiner is Argentine, graphic designer, painter and self-taught artist. She studied at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Siglo 21, currently Universidad Siglo 21, in the city of Córdoba.

While she was studying, she was an intern at the Siglo 21 Institute for 1 year and then worked at Libertad S.A. department stores. at its time of national expansion in the Treasury area.

For Provencred Suc. Argentina, a company belonging to Citi Group, worked for 6 years, forming and supervising work teams for the Help Desk area.

Entrepreneurial, creative and lover of children, when her children were small, she decided to found her own children’s events company which she managed for more than 12 years until emigrating to Spain.

Already established in Malaga, she has worked in charge of designs for social networks, brand identity, video montages and the entire creative area of ​​the Miss Marketing agency and as community manager of the business and networking club CONECTA-T B2B.

Since January 2023 Community Manager at Impact Hub Málaga, in charge of executing the communication strategy of the projects, campaigns and events carried out in the space as well as the revitalization of social networks.