Lourdes Schreiner | Impact Hub Málaga




Lourdes Schreiner, originally from Argentina, is a distinguished graphic designer, painter, and self-taught artist. She completed her studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Siglo 21, now known as Universidad Siglo 21, in the city of Córdoba.

During her academic phase, Lourdes was a scholar at the Instituto Siglo 21 for a year, an experience that strengthened her professional and personal development. She then joined Libertad S.A., a company undergoing national expansion, where she contributed to the Treasury department. Her career continued at Provencred Suc. Argentina, a Citi Group company, where she played a crucial role in training and supervising teams for the Help Desk area for six years.

An innate entrepreneur and creative, with a deep love for children, Lourdes decided to start her own children’s events company when her children were young. She successfully managed her business for over 12 years until she decided to emigrate to Spain.

Once in Málaga, Lourdes made an indelible mark in the creative sector. She worked at the Miss Marketing agency, where she was responsible for social media designs, brand identity, video montages, and managed the entire creative area. Additionally, she was the community manager of the business networking club CONECTA-T B2B, where she demonstrated her ability to effectively connect people and businesses.

Since January 2023, Lourdes has been serving as Community Manager and Community Builder at Impact Hub Málaga. Lourdes Schreiner is a dedicated professional with a creative approach and an exceptional ability to inspire and lead in the fields of communication and community management.

She graduated in Marketing and Market Research from the University of Málaga (2018) and holds an Executive MBA from ESESA (2021).