Mailen Cucullu, IMPACT HUB Málaga


Comm & Events

Mailén was born in Patagonia, Argentina, and currently resides in Málaga, Spain, where she has lived for the past two years. She trained in Audiovisual Production, Scenography, and Art Direction. Her passion for storytelling led her to participate in various projects, including short films, documentaries, and music videos, allowing her to explore different facets of visual and narrative art.

Mailén’s career has also included significant roles outside the purely creative field. She worked in the events industry, where she was in charge of pre-production and management, gaining solid experience in planning and executing various types of events. Later, she took on a role at an English Institute, coordinating both the physical space and general administration.

At Impact Hub, Mailén has had the opportunity to integrate all her previous skills and experiences. She currently serves as the Event and Communication Coordinator, combining her love for creativity with her ability to manage and organize, ensuring that each event not only runs smoothly but also effectively communicates its message.

Her career reflects her dedication and versatility, and she continues to apply her experience in event creation and management and in promoting effective communication at Impact Hub.