Marcelo Hornillos, Impact Hub Málaga





University Degree in Tourism. University of Malaga (2017), Master’s degree in business Entrepreneurship. University Complutense of Madrid (2019), Bootcamp Full Stack web development. Keepcoding (2022)

Marcelo Hornillos, full stack developer with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation. He co-founded, in October 2017 Biofy, a company specialized in the reuse of plastic waste into fuel.

This interest in technology, renewable energies and innovation opportunities since his childhood led him to join Impact Hub, first in Madrid, where he developed for 1 year the role of Host Coordinator to later work for 2 years as Community Builder in several spaces (Impact Hub Piemonte and in Impact Hub Prosperidad).

In 2021, he joined TRIPLE, another coworking company present in Madrid as Sales Manager.

Since April 2022, Community Builder at Impact Hub Malaga.